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Maintaining the exterior surfaces of your home is paramount to protecting it from the weather and avoiding unsightly rotting of weatherboards or rusting on iron roofs.

Simply applying a moss and mould treatment, followed by a soft wash every two years, can help keep your roof and walls looking great and extend the longevity of your most important investment.

Our team of professional tradespeople are experienced house washers and we use only environmentally friendly products that are safe for the whole family including your pets.

Unlike water blasting techniques, using a soft wash system prevents paint being stripped from window frames and doors and restores the look of your home to new again.

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“The finished roof is a credit to your workers and your company certainly deserves your claim that you produce excellent work and when there is a problem you put it right. We are sure you do not need references but if we can help you in the future, we would be pleased to recommend your company to prospective clients. ” — Roy and Ishbell Huskinson