Auckland Roof Painting

Steep Pitched Roofs

Traditionally steep pitched roofs were built to redirect water off the roof’s surface and they can be challenging to repair and paint due to the steep incline.

Steep roof painting

Our team of roofers are trained in working with steep roofs and follow strict OSH standards whilst undertaking remedial repairs and painting.

We have successfully worked on many homes in the Auckland region to restore and repair difficult roofs and offer a full maintenance service including water blasting, moss and mould treatments, remedial repairs and roof painting.

If you have a difficult and/or steep roof that requires attention, please contact us for an assessment and a quote.

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“I am very happy with my roof thank you. I chose to go with your company even though the quote was more as you provided a guarantee and I felt I would get a good finish on my roof which had lots of old flakey paint on it. ” — Meredith