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Auckland House Painting Services

Repainting the external surfaces of your house will enhance its aesthetic appeal and protect the internal structure from weather related damage that can occur over time.

Peeling paint or rotting weatherboards are not only unsightly but they can quickly become an expensive repair job.

Interior and exterior house painting

We offer both exterior and interior house painting services on all types of surfaces and our team of experienced painting professionals can advise on colour options and paint finishes best suited to your situation.

All our workmanship and products are backed by warranties and we provide free on-site quotes throughout the Auckland region.

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“Wayne and his team painted our roof over Xmas this year and did an awesome job. Wanted to write a review but this is the only place I have found to do this. Really friendly and attentive group of guys. We have a difficult roof to paint but they managed it and made it look 100 times better. Thanks, guys!” — Rory Cuthbert